Zanella's Wax Bar was created with the sole idea to do one thing and be the absolute best. I had been an esthetician since 1993 and worked in about every avenue of the beauty industry; salon, spa, wholesale and retail beauty products. Although waxing was always offered on the service menu, it was never given the spotlight. Waxing services were always an afterthought whether it was getting your eyebrows shaped at the shampoo bowl or getting your bikini waxed in a cramped back room by an unskilled cosmetologist or esthetician who would rather be doing a haircut or facial. So I said to myself why shouldn't waxing be given the same attention and focus as other salon services? I know from personal experience that I would rather go to an esthetician that waxes every day all day and takes pride in providing the best possible waxing experience, than to an esthetician that would rather do facials or a chemical peel and may only provide the occasional Brazilian. And that folks, is when Zanella's Wax Bar made waxing history and opened in Baton Rouge in September 2006.

eye waxing Zanella's Wax Bar focuses on providing a consistently great waxing experience to our guests. At Zanella's Wax Bar your waxing experience is all we focus on, so you know it's going to be fantastic. We do close to 10,000 Brazilians each year! Now, that we are opening up our second location in Baton Rouge's Garden District expect that number to double! Trust us, we know what we are talking about.


Not only did I want to create the perfect environment and experience for my clients, but I also wanted to create a place where Estheticians could have a career, not just a place to kill time until the next best thing came along. Happy employees make for happy clients.



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